Monday, September 14, 2009

Miller Coors’ Water Stewardship Activity

There is no doubt that transparency by means of sustainability can lead to better CSR performance. It seems Miller Coors; one of the largest brewing companies in the United States has taken this aspect into serious consideration. The company for the month of September will be drawing the nation’s attention towards better water supply and usage. This will be the company’s first annual Water Stewardship Month. Miller Coors plans to bring together all 10 brewery locations and corporate facilities into a partnership with local non-profit organizations and hold volunteer events for better water quality.

The management stated that water is essential for their business and the community where they operate. Since the company has been following its goal to produce and pack more beer using less water, this corporate social responsibility initiative can be considered a responsible move. Their roots are on the shore of Lake Michigan and the Rocky Mountains and if the company doesn’t focus on environmental concerns, it will result in more carbon footprint.

Water Stewardship Month will be dealing with several water issues and Miller Coors volunteers will take the initiative to clean beaches and rivers in their local communities, plant trees and bushes in preservation areas and even test water quality. The company is focusing on community investment along with environmental sustainability but let’s see how far it manages to take its belief in ‘Great Beer comes Great Responsibility!

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