Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CSR Rankings

It’s been interesting to note that CSR rankings have been among the most popular topics I have touched upon in my blog on Justmeans. My two posts on CSR rankings seem to be the most tweeted topics I have covered, and I have received some interesting feedback from Justmeans community members about the differences between methodologies.

If you stumble on one of my posts about the subject, I’d encourage you to jump into the conversation and also to let me know if there are other rankings that you’d like to see me cover. So far, I have examined the CRO Best Corporate Citizens, Ethisphere Institute’s Most Ethical Companies, Newsweek Green Rankings, and Corporate Knights Global 100, with RiskMetrics Group’s Global ESG 100 soon to follow. It would be interesting to hear feedback about any lists I haven’t mentioned yet, particularly those developed by organizations based outside of the U.S.

Also, stay tuned for the answer to the riddle I posed in my most recent post. My research revealed that there is only one single company that makes all five lists I have examined so far. Stay tuned to the Justmeans CSR page to find out what it is.

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