Monday, September 7, 2009

Middle East’s Contribution to Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Does it feel good to read about initiatives taken by companies to promote CSR events? It surely does, isn’t it? I am sure you will consider the rise in number of business organizations taking this concept into serious consideration, a good sign. Even though various European companies are taking up corporate social responsibility activities to promote good work, one can’t deny the contribution made by Middle East companies as well. Their involvement to global CSR may have contributed in making our planet a better place to live in, but are they doing enough?

Since we are discussing corporate social responsibility events and good work done by companies all over the Middle East, the question that still lingers is-Do Arab companies really care? You may have come across news items on how few Arab organizations decide to provide a sponsorship to health conferences or launch campaigns on sports, education and health safety. But there’s still a lot of grass-root initiative to be taken. In the World Economic Forum, experts were of view that even the local Arab companies want to participate in CSR activities but they consider this concept as mere charity efforts. If they are to be believed, corporate social responsibility in Middle East is still at an early stage and more efforts are required to establish partnership with NGOs and government agencies to address graver issues like rise in carbon footprint, low education facilities and unemployment.

I won’t deny the fact that the government in Middle East countries is trying hard to make companies understand that CSR goes beyond charity. Young people are being encouraged to take part in active training programs at the workplace. The government is also giving out grants to bridge the gap of knowledge and education between them and the western world. Overall, the initiative of the rulers and government of Middle East in doing good work for the community seems to be promising but the regional businesses still need to be encouraged in integrating effective CSR policies.

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